CTEMF 2015 – 06/02/2015

I am sure you might have noticed an abundance of CTEMF hashtags and imagery over the past couple of weeks. Some of you were probably thinking that this is just another music event for other people to enjoy in Cape Town during a summer crammed full of music events and live acts. But you’d be wrong. To give you newbies a breakdown, CTEMF is a 3-day-long  Electronic Music Festival based in Cape Town. If Woodstock captured the 1960’s then CTEMF captures the music culture of today. I decided to attend this prestigious event in hopes that I would walk away… electrified by the countless headlining acts.


Location – This year was a first for CTEMF, having their event inside Cape Town City Hall. A bit of a let-down considering how people kept on reminiscing about how awesome the venue was last year, opposite the City Hall. Being born with, what I like to think of, ‘a severe sweating condition’ I was not looking forward to be crammed into a building with a thousand other electric stompers. However, with easy access to a large outdoor section on both floors – this never turned out to be a problem.

Score: 8/10.

Facilities – Another plus were that the bars and toilets were just as far as anything else. Besides for a really hot and sweaty room and a bit of a wait – no complaints about the bars. I can’t comment for the girls but the guys toilets were great, never had to wait too long, never stood in 1000 variations of urine.  For the rest – no indoor or outdoor traffic, no fuss, got in easy enough (credit to Webtickets).

Score: 8/10.

Lineups – Since I’m not an electronic / tech expert, admiringly I did not recognize a lot of these guys. However, a few did stand out to me such as Anja Schneider, Octave One, Burn To Tape, Sound Language, Loco Dice, Maelstorm, PH Fat, Branko, Lazershark and Counterstrike.

Watch out for these 5 guys:

1. Audiojerk
Hard-hitting techno grooves on The Terrace, drew punters to experience Cape Town’s rising Techno DJ. Relatively unknown, Audiojerk opened the floor with a style and verve that is befitting to his name.

2. Bryan Travis
The Auditorium was opened by Bryan Travis, if CTEMF was a 5 course meal then bryan Travis’s set was one hell of a starter. He shared with his audience an array of musical colors,containing , rich and aromatic fragrances which prepared everyone for a spiritual weekend.
Bryan is the cofounder of two of Cape Town’s loved house music events, Love All and One Foot in The Groove.

3. Thor Rixon
Thor Rixon, a mass collaboration that saw strange beards and t-shirts take to the stage. However this did not distract the musically intrigued crowd. Thor Rixon is an experimental artist whose diverse approach to music apparent in his collaborations and presentation on stage. His performance was one of the gems of CTEMF.

4. Munnibrotherz
Munnibrotherz decimated The Terrace with Jackin House, something the Dirty Bird posse would be proud of and definitely artists to look out for. Sean Munnick and Robin Muniz from Port Elizabeth make up the DJ duo, Munnibrotherz. Munnibrotherz have enjoyed production success, releasing on Claude VonStroke’s label, Dirtybird, yet pre CTEMF 2015 they were relatively unknown in Cape Town. At this stage no party in the country should go without a Munnibroherz set.

5. Leeu
Sunday saw The Terrace crowd dancing from minute one, as Johannesburg based electronic music producer Leeu opened up the floor Leeu’s set contained all his own productions, including an untitled forthcoming release he and The Lazarusman conjured. Leeu went on to DJ a second time on The Terrace with The Lazarusman and is an artist you should most certainly have your eyes firmly fixed on. The two offered an hour layered with emotion, groove and left us with a message we will all carry in our hearts.

Score: 8/10.

Sound – Peerrrrrrrfect!! No echoes, bass so heavy I wanted to vomit, crisp and clean

Score: 10/10!

Brands – Didn’t notice any co-branding whatsoever. The only brands I noticed were the one’s behind the bar or for the event itself. Not so much as a branded coaster. Could be that CTEMF has avoided it this year or maybe brands don’t have the same confidence in the event as the used to.

Score: ?/10.

Conclusion – All in all, I think the event was a fantastic party. I had lots of fun, met a lot of crazy people, I definitely got my money’s/hangover’s worth and I definitely will be attending CTEMF 2016.

Score: 8/10 for you beautiful electric animals that organised everything.


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