I started this blog, because of my passion for the advertising industry.

Starting out as a graphic designer / business student in High School – I soon learnt that I had a natural strategic/creative way of thinking. This developed over the years as I studied at the renowned Advertising college – AAA School of Advertising (Cape Town, South Africa) as a marketing (suit) student specialising in brand, account and media management.

Throughout my studies, I had been exposed to some brilliant creative work that had captivated my attention on more than one occasion. This blog is an accumulation of the memorizing pieces I’ve encountered, over the years, and covers a range of different mediums (campaigns, products, events). 

cartoon me [2]

My opinion is my own. I firmly believe that there is no common formula to a brilliant ad/campaign – despite the fundamentals. The ads I post, I believe are simply brilliant and again, my opinion is my own. Please feel free to leave your own thoughts or contact me if you’ve seen anything worth posting on the site.