SA Reviews

I have dedicated this space to reviewing Events, Restaurants and Products throughout South Africa. Feel free to leave your own opinion or contact me if you have something you would like me to write about.



2015 REVIEWS Red-E – The RC60 Powerbank   If you have ever run out of battery on your camera, cellphone, laptop, tablet or even your GoPro and been without access to a power source, Red-E has a range of affordable, yet extremely powerful portable chargers (otherwise known as powerbanks) that can charge your device as much … Continue reading Products


FEBRUARY CTEMF – 07/01/2015 I am sure you might have noticed an abundance of CTEMF hashtags and imagery over the past couple of weeks. Some of you were probably thinking that this is just another music event for other people to enjoy in Cape Town during a summer crammed full of music events and live … Continue reading Events